The primary objective for all our clients is to help them gain both visibility as well as control.

Cost reductions are always important but if cost reduction sacrifices service quality or consistency in any way than it is a waste of time and effort. I have spent the better part of my life working with fortune 1,000 companies all across the globe. That said I have a diverse portfolio of experience and expertise that we bring to each and every client engagement Bridlewood Consulting takes on. The list of services we offer will grow over time but we would rather focus on the things we do exceptionally well providing the most immediate impact. Our company lives and dies by two words always, Passion and Integrity, without those you won’t get far in this world. Below are a couple of the initial offerings we do an amazing job with. Success is predicated on experience and expertise in the subject matter. The clients I have worked with over the past 22 years have had monthly spends up to as much at $60,000,000 in billing. No matter the size of company or footprint, we can help you achieve great things and look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Carrier Consolidation

This undertaking we call a sweat equity initiative. It takes time and you have to be willing to roll up your sleeves. In larger corporate landscapes multiple vendors are used for any number of reasons. Many in the past have gone to aggregators but then unhappy with the service post sale, access to information, and pricing. I can certainly assure you that in over 20 years in this business I have had multiple opportunities to vet out these vendors looking for the best in class. I do the work you reap the benefits, that is how it should always work. If done correctly costs are reduced, carrier and invoice count is reduced, visibility to services dramatically improves, as does your control. Management overhead is also reduced considerably in both soft and hard dollars.


I cannot speak enough about mobility and all the wonderful potential in this arena. I can tell you that given the chance, with access to your billing information, within 72 hours or less I can come back to you with all the savings opportunities you are not realizing WITH YOUR CURRENT VENDORS. Analyzing mobility is not about finding another vendor to move to. Rather it is an initiative to isolate savings that your vendor never proposed to you in the first place. These are opportunities that you would never have access to. I have uncovered up to as much at 50% cost reductions for my clients but never less than 20%. Implementation of the adjustments with the current carriers can happen within hours of your approval and show up as soon as the next billing cycle. I have a client currently that their bill last May was $1,103,000 and 4 months later $530,000 without ever changing vendors.

For me personally, nothing ever
starts without a conversation.

For me personally, nothing ever starts without a conversation.

We don’t have stacks of glossy marketing slicks, we don’t spam email prospects daily, we don’t stand in conference show booths. We have straight forward honest conversations with people just like you every day who want to make a lasting impact in their company. People we speak with are frustrated and just tired or running in circles, sitting on hold with their vendors, dealing with billing and contract issues, not being delivered what they were promised.

If you don’t like the “pitch” and hate to feel like you are being pounced on then lets just have a conversation. With our years of experience and subject matter expertise if nothing else maybe we can provide you with some information that will be helpful be it we do any business or not. We are all about the “Outcome” what is the outcome you wish to achieve and then we will back into the solution that fits from there. With access to over a 100 vendors globally bringing them together to provide the best solution is where Bridlewood Consulting shines. Predictable and Sustainable results are the only ones that matter. We look forward to speaking with you very soon.

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